Salam Weekend School

Salam Weekend School

Registration for the Fall 2014 Semester (August-December) is now open. Registration information can be found at the bottom of this page, including the school schedule and registration form with class fees. Please note, there is a $50 early registration discount per family when registration is completed by May 18th , 2014. After that date, normal fees will apply.

Weekend School Core Classes

The SALAM Weekend School offers Islamic & Quranic Studies for Pre-School through High School grades for students ages 4 (and potty trained) and over. The core school day consists of three classes:

·         Reading Qur’an classes focus on learning to read the Qur’an in Arabic. In early grades, students learn to recognize and recite the alphabet, then move on to learning vowels and the first, middle, and end position of the letters. Students progress to read small words by joining letters and gain proficiency as they progress through upper elementary grade levels and on.

·         Surah Memorization/Learn to Pray classes focus on memorizing Surahs, how to pray correctly, and Islamic etiquettes. Different Surahs are memorized in different grades. Early grades memorize the small surahs, later grades study longer surahs, learning the meanings and history of various each.

·         Islamic Studies classes focus on learning about significant people and events in Islamic history, with emphasis on the Medinah and Makkah periods in our Prophet’s (PBUH) life. Early grades learn simple concepts and build upon the knowledge gained, leading into more in depth study in later grades.

·          Each class level focuses on different parts of Islamic history, different Surahs, and different levels of Qu’ran reading ability. Students are evaluated and placed in the appropriate class level, based on their current knowledge, so classes are not too easy or difficult for the student, so they will enjoy coming to SALAM. Students are able to play and socialize with classmates during the break and participate in field trips for fun and to further develop positive social skills. Students may bring a snack from home or purchase a snack at SALAM during the break time.

Sunday Youth Group Classes

Youth Group Level 1 is for 8th Grade students and Level 2 is for high school students. The curriculum consists of instruction taught through the use of books, guest speakers, as well as teachers’ materials in the subjects of Islamic & Quranic Studies, positive behavior and self-image, current events, professions, and community service. Class focus is to help students maintain their positive American Muslim identity as they grow and mature into young adults. Students will work to apply Islamic teachings to contribute to society in positive ways through personal behavior, community service, and professions they choose. Students are able to participate in a variety of activities and field trips for fun and to further develop positive behavior, social, leadership, and organizational skills. Students help develop the class curriculum, structure, and topics relevant to today’s youth so they enjoy coming to SALAM.

Elective Classes

Learn To Read Qu’ran –Level 1 and Level 2 classes are open to students aged 12 and over and adults. Classes focus on learning to read & recite Quranic Arabic within a short period of time. Students are placed in the appropriate level as determined by Imam Kamal. The class is very fast paced and not suitable for students under 12 years of age.

Understand Qur’an Meanings in Englishclass is open to students 12 years of age and older, and adults. Class focuses on learning the meanings of Surah’s in order to strengthen one’s understanding and everyday application of Quranic messages. The class is discussion based geared towards students who can already read Qur’an and are truly serious and self motivated to delve deeper into the meanings of the messages in the Quran.

Beginning & Advanced Arabic- Classes are open to students over 6 years of age as well as adults. The class focus is on learning conversational Arabic.

Urdu Language Class- Classes are open to students over 6 years of age as well as adults. The class focus is on learning conversational Urdu.

For further assistance, please see the Weekend School Principal or Administration staff in the SALAM school office on Sundays during school hours (9:00am-2:30pm) or click on the following links for tuition and other information.

When open, registration options:

Mail in registration: Please complete the registration form and mail it to SALAM with your check for tuition payment. Registration Form

In Person: Have your registration form completed and payment ready (cash, check, credit/debit card) and bring it to the school office any Sunday when school is in session during school hours 9:00am – 2:30pm.   Fall  2014 Schedule

On-line payment of tuition: The registration form may be mailed to SALAM and payment made on-line   using a credit card or debit card. Select Weekend School and continue with the instructions on the screen. Mail a copy of the PayPal screen/receipt with the registration form. Pay Tuition on-line

SALAM Weekend School

4541 College Oak Drive

Sacramento, CA 95841

916-979-1973 Sunday’s 9:00am to 2:30pm

Saeed Ahmed, School Principal