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Gratitude: Preserving Allah’s Blessings

Gratitude: Preserving Allah’s Blessings
By Renowned Scholar Sheikh Fode Drame

Monday, August 15 | 6:30 pm

The community is invited to SALAM, where we will welcome Sheikh Fode Drame on his first visit to Sacramento.

Sheikh Fode Drame is a prolific author, linguist, Quranic Exigete, teacher, father, international speaker, and at the forefront of a number of community initiatives. He established Zawiyah Foundation in Vancouver, BC, in 2005, a non-profit charity founded on his vision for humanity.

Shiekh Fode teaches, unites, heals, and writes through the knowledge that God has granted from the language of the Qur’an.

SALAM Islamic Center | 4545 College Oak Dr, Sacramento, CA 95841


Aug 15 2022


6:30 pm


SALAM Community Center
4541 College Oak Dr., Sacramento, CA 95841