Eid ul-Fitr


Raising Ramadan Allstars

You Want to Honor the Prophet?

 In the aftermath of the attacks on the American embassies in Egypt, Libya, Yemen and the murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and others, many questions are left unanswered. Is this what Islam teaches, is this what the Prophet taught? How did he respond to those who attacked him and mocked him? How does the Qur'an teaches us to respond? What should we do in this situation and how can we properly honor the Prophet and defend him.

Intro to Islam Class Every 1st Saturday

 The course is geared toward equipping members of the greater Sacramento community with the knowledge of the basic tenets of the Islamic faith. Our hopes are that through education, we will be able to dispel stereotypes that have provided the backbone of a sentiment of fear that has plagued our nation. Thus, we cordially invite you to partake in this journey into the heart of Islam. Discover for yourself what constitutes the faith of over 1.6 billion people in our world.

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