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Masjid & Community Center

Photo credit | “Rashid bin Quadir Thomas at CapturedLight Productions.”

Tour Highlights

  • Tour the SALAM mosque building
  • A brief history of SALAM
  • Observe & listen to a congregational prayer*
  • Overview of Islam
  • Questions & answers
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Exploring the Mosque

A tour of the SALAM Islamic Center in Sacramento is a unique opportunity to gain insight into the Islamic faith and culture. Visitors will have the chance to explore the mosque building, a beautiful and serene space designed for worship and reflection.

During the tour, guests will also have the opportunity to observe and listen to congregational prayer, which is a central part of the Islamic faith. This is a chance to see the devotion and spiritual practices of the community and gain a deeper understanding of the Islamic faith and culture.

Overall, this tour is a great way to learn more about the Islamic faith and connect with the Sacramento community.

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