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Volunteer Opportunities

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SALAM is Recruiting Volunteers!

Are you passionate about giving back to your community and making a positive impact?

Do you have a skill set or expertise that you’d like to share for the greater good? We have an exciting opportunity for you!

We are currently seeking dedicated individuals to join our volunteer teams.

Join us and share your input and expertise with the SALAM community.

Weekend School

  • 185 students
  • Sundays 10:00 – 2:00 pm (Islamic and Quranic Education)
  • Elective Classes 2 pm – 3 pm (Quran Memorization and Languages)

Needs and Next Steps

  • Teachers (fluency in English and Reading the Quran in Arabic).
  • Language Teachers (Dari, Pashtu, Urdu, and Arabic). Preschool-credentialed teachers.
  • Graduation, International Day, Registrations, Book Sale, and lunch sale.

Friday Night Program

  • Fridays from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm
  • Included Quran Halaqas for Women and Children
  • Youth Program (SAMY)
  • Sports and movie program for children

Needs and Next Steps

  • Program Manager to lead the program.
  • Volunteers to provide programming (halaqas, professional development, lead sports activities, social program, putlock arrangements, ..etc)

IQRA’ School

  • Two Active Programs (Quran Memorization and Tajweed Course)
  • 40+ students
  • After School Hours – Monday – Thursday 5:00 – 7:00 pm
  • Saturday 9:00 – 11:00 pm
  • Coming Soon (Introduction to Arabic)

Needs and Next Steps

  • Quran Teachers to work with young children – Knowledge of Juzaa Amma.
  • Arabic language teachers.
  • Tajweed teachers.

Homeschool Hub

  • Pilot Program – Coming Soon
  • Monday Thru Friday
  • Work on your homeschooling classes with the help of a tutor
  • Islamic and extracurricular activities

Needs and Next Steps

  • Tutors to be available during school hours
  • Islamic Studies Teacher (English)
  • Sports Lead

Transitional House for Muslim Women

  • Sakina House is in operations (ICNA Relief and MCF)
  • SALAM is entering this agreement as a third partner
  • An approach to forming an umbrella service center for Women Homelessness in the Sacramento Region (shelter, mental health, counseling …etc)

Needs and Next Steps

  • Sakina House Volunteers (drivers, donate cars, …etc).
  • Sakina House Board Member to represent SALAM.
  • Maintenance and Repair Manager
  • Realtor

Critical Requests

  • Care for Converts Program Lead (Oversee programs to support new converts, and develop educational materials).
  • Election Committee Chair (Oversee election processes, ensure fairness and transparency).
  • Facilities Support Manager (Maintain facilities, coordinate repairs, support staff).

Volunteer with Us!

Thank you for your interest in supporting SALAM and the community.
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