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Community Relief


AL-Misbaah is a nonprofit providing charitable aid, refugee assistance to family in need, community education, as well as youth activities.

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Muslim American Society Social Services Foundation

MAS-SSF is a non-profit that aims to aid families at large and the Muslim community in particular with their social services needs.

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Refugee Enrichment & Development Association

REDA is a culturally sensitive services center that provides refugee families with crucial support for their day-to-day needs through volunteers and community resources.

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Ar-Razzaq Food Bank

Ar-Razzaq Food Bank is a community-based organization that provides assistance to the needy in such a way to minimize hunger and promote self-reliance

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ICNA Relief

ICNA Relief USA seeks to alleviate human suffering by providing caring and compassionate service to victims of adversities and survivors of disasters.

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Shifa Clinic

Shifa Clinic is a non-profit, student-run medical facility dedicated to serving the diverse, medically uninsured population of the Greater Sacramento Area.

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