The Story of SALAM in a Video

“There are those whose horizons are limited by the present and its problems; and there are those whose horizons are boundless by the future, with all of its potentials. It is the latter that reflects the vision of the founders of SALAM, which has become a shining example of what an American Islamic Center should be.

This video gives the story of that vision as we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of SALAM.”

~ Dr. Metwalli Amer [SALAM Co-founder]

SALAM is an American Islamic Center

Since Islam is a universal faith, all of our programs are held in English so the message is universal for everyone to understand. SALAM strongly advocates for women to attend all the events. We believe in the highest Islamic qualities of modesty, decency and moral integrity but do not enforce segregation of the sexes.


SALAM is a non-profit 501(c)(3), tax-exempt, religious organization. Its purpose is to promote Islamic teachings, understanding, and unity among all Muslims in the greater Sacramento area. SALAM prides itself in being a multi-ethnic organization and shall strive to maintain it.


SALAM’s mission is to practice and promote Islam by providing religious, educational and recreational facilities and services for members of the public. The emergence of an American-Muslim identity is its prime goal.