Prayer Services

Daily Prayers

SALAM Masjid is open for daily prayers

5:15 AM
1:20 PM
5:15 PM
After 5 mins
9:30 PM

Jumuah [Friday Prayer Service]

1:15 PM
1:35 PM

Friday, August 12th, khateeb
Br. Hammad Ali, Lodi

* For all safety, masks are required indoors in the Mosque and Community Center.

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Surat al-Kahf recited by Imam Amr – Listen here.

Imam Amr Dabour

Former Imam
  • Imam Amr Dabour holds a Bachelor and a Master’s Degree in Islamic Studies from the English Section of Al-Azhar University, in Egypt. The topic of his Master Thesis is: “Infallibility of Prophets Between Torah, Bible, and the Qur’an”.
  • He attended many non-degree courses in critical thinking and other contemporary Islamic issues throughout his career. He also conducted classical study of Fiqh with well-known Muslim Scholars.
  • He has a profound understanding of Islam and Muslim communities in the US, based on over 12 years of working with, and spiritually leading communities in North Carolina and Florida.
  • He has over 15 years of leading role experience in Islamic related fields; both academic and practical leadership.
  • He has led hundreds of seminars, workshops, university classes, campus activities, and other activities in several communities around the US.
  • He has led and participated in various programs, such as interfaith programs, national conferences, programs dealing with youth, women and men of various backgrounds. He has a good knowledge of Christianity, Judaism and their Scriptures.
  • He is fully aware of the environment in North America based on his experience as a full time Imam in the US and also on his comprehensive study of Muslim minorities in the West.
  • Before coming to the US, Imam Amr worked with many Islamic media outlets and TV Channels in Egypt, assuming various positions such as translating and editing Qur’an translations of many translators.
  • He has been elected several times to the board of directors of NAIF (North American Imams’ Federation) and has served as the president of NAIF in the past.
  • He memorizes the entire Qur’an by heart and recited it in audio format on Social Media (Hafs-fromAsim). Click here for the link.