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Prayer Services

Prayer Time | Sacramento, CA

Daily Prayers

Pray all five daily prayers at SALAM led by Shaykh Saad & Shaykh Achour.

4:45 AM
1:20 PM
5:15 PM
After 5 mins
10:15 PM

Jumuah [Friday Prayer Service]

12:00 PM

1st Shift | Arabic-Language (باللغة العربية)

1:15 PM

2nd Shift | English-Language

Friday, June 21st 2024

12:00 pm | Arabic-Language Jumuah

جمعة باللغة العربية – كل جمعة | 12 ظهرا

Khateeb – Shaykh Saad ElHelaly

1:15 pm | Regular English Jumuah

Khateeb – Br. Ayman Taleb

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Meet our Imams

Shaykh Saad El Helaly SALAM Islamic Center
Associate Imam

Shaykh Saad El Helaly

Shaykh Achour El-Qaddoury SALAM Islamic Center
Associate Imam

Shaykh Achour El-Qaddoury

Our Classes

Quran Memorization

After-School Program for All Ages

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • All ages, 5 years and older
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Tajweed Course

Embark on a Journey of Quranic Mastery

  • Saturdays
  • Adults, 16 years and older
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