Tajweed Course

Embark on a Journey of Quranic Mastery

Class Info

Enrollment Has Ended

December 2nd – March 2nd
9 am – 11 am
Age: 16+

In-Depth Tajweed Techniques

Delve into Tajweed rules for a profound understanding and perfecting of Quranic recitation.

Expert Instructor

Benefit from the vast experience and engaging teaching methods of Shaykh Saad ElHelaly.

Certification and Achievement

Earn a certificate upon completion, marking your achievement in Tajweed mastery.

Elevate Your Quranic Recitation

At SALAM IQRA’ School, we deeply recognize the transformative power of the Quran in guiding and enriching our lives. This understanding is at the heart of our Tajweed Course, designed to welcome adult learners into the world of precise Quranic recitation. This course aims to refine your Quranic reading and recitation skills, leading to a profound understanding and a heartfelt connection with the words of Allah.

What is Tajweed?

The word Tajweed linguistically means ‘proficiency’ or ‘doing something well’. When applied to the Qur’an, it means giving every letter of the Qur’an its rights and dues of characteristics when we recite the Qur’an and observing the rules that apply to those letters in different situations. We give the letters their rights by observing the essential characteristics of each letter that never leave it. And we give them their dues by observing the characteristics of each letter that are present in them some of the time and not present at other times.

The Qur’an was revealed with Tajweed rules applied to it. In other words, when the angel Jibreel ((AS)) recited the words of Allah to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) he recited them in a certain way and he showed the Prophet (SAW) the ways in which it was permissible to recite the Qur’an. So it is upon us to observe those rules so that we recite it in the way it was revealed.

Meet Our Educator

Guiding Lights on Your Educational Journey

Shaykh Saad El Helaly SALAM Islamic Center

Shaykh Saad ElHelaly


Shaykh Saad is a graduate of the Faculty of Dawa at Al-Azhar University, holding a Master’s degree in Islamic Culture and an Ijaza in Asim Qiraa. With nine years of experience as an Imam and profound knowledge of Islamic teachings, his presence is a valued addition to our community.

Tajweed Course

Ready to Elevate Your Quranic Recitation?

Tajweed Course

  • December 2nd – March 2nd ( Enrollment Ended)

  • In-person Classes

  • $195

  • Saturdays

  • 9 am – 11 am

  • Age: 16+

If you missed enrollment for the current cohort, don’t worry! Fill out our Interest Form to express your desire to join the course when it reopens. We will keep you informed about future enrollment dates and course details.

Program Highlights

  • Audience: Adults, 16+
    If you are under 16 and interested in enrolling, please Email us to discuss possible exceptions.
  • Instructor: Shaykh Saad ElHelaly
  • Location: Held at SALAM, in-person classes.

Program Objectives

  • Improve reading and recitation skills of the Holy Quran among students.
  • Provide a thorough understanding of Tajweed rules and their application in recitation.
  • Enhance the ability to pronounce Quranic words accurately and beautifully.

Program Requirements

  • Basic Quranic Reading: Students should be able to read the Quran at a basic level to effectively participate in the course.
  • Age Requirement: This course is intended for adults, 16 years and older.

Program Options

  • Enrollment for this cohort has now ended. Fill out the interest form.
  • Course Duration: The Tajweed Course starts on Saturday, December 2nd, and concludes on Saturday, March 2nd.
  • Class Schedule: Classes will be held every Saturday from 9 am to 11 am.
  • Learning Materials: A Tajweed book will be provided as part of the course.
  • Certification: Upon successful completion of the course, students will be tested and then awarded a certificate, recognizing their achievement and mastery in Tajweed.

Program Fees

  • Course Fee: $195
    The total fee for the 3-month Tajweed Course is $195. This is a one-time payment that covers the entire duration of the course. The fee includes all necessary course materials, including the Tajweed book, and the certificate of achievement upon completion.
Interest Form
Interest Form

Our December 2nd – March 2nd Tajweed course enrollment has ended, but your opportunity to learn has not. Interested in deepening your understanding of Tajweed? Fill out our interest form to stay informed about the next enrollment opportunity. We’re excited to guide you through this enriching learning experience!

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    Frequently asked questions

    Who can enroll in the Tajweed Course?

    The course is designed for adult learners, ages 16 and above, who are interested in learning Tajweed, the art of Quranic recitation.

    Do I need to have prior knowledge of Tajweed to join?

    This course is comprehensive and will cover all the Tajweed rules from the beginning. It’s designed to cater to all learners, regardless of their previous experience with Tajweed. We’ll guide you through each rule, ensuring you understand and can apply them effectively in Quranic recitation.

    How much does the course cost?

    The total fee for the 3-month course is $195. This is a one-time payment and includes all course materials and certification.

    For your convenience, we accept credit/debit card payments online. If you prefer to pay in person, we also accept checks.

    Will I get a certificate after completing the course?

    At the end of the course, there will be an assessment to test your understanding and application of the Tajweed rules. Upon successfully passing this assessment, you will be awarded a certificate. This certificate will recognize your dedication and proficiency in Tajweed, signifying your accomplishment in the course.

    What if I miss a class?

    While regular attendance is encouraged for the best learning experience, we understand that absences may occur. Please inform the instructor in advance if possible, and we will do our best to help you catch up.

    Where are the classes located?

    Classes are held in person at SALAM IQRA’ School, located at 4545 College Oak Dr., Sacramento, CA 95841.

    How can I contact you for more information or to enroll?

    You can reach us via email at iqraschool@salamcenter.org or call us at (916) 265-6312. Our team is ready to assist you with any questions or help you with the enrollment process.

    Location & Contact Info

    SALAM IQRA’ School

    4545 College Oak Dr.
    Sacramento, CA 95841

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