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Windows To Islam

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2-Day Seminar

Windows to Islam

A Glimpse Inside Islamic Theology, Law and History

October 21 and October 28, 2023

Windows to Islam is a 2-day seminar intending to provide those interested with an objective look at Islam and Muslims.

This will be provided through a basic, albeit in-depth, overview of Islamic theology, sacred law, and history. Windows to Islam is not intended to proselytize or convert any person to the religion of Islam.

The sole purpose of this seminar is to provide participants with a window into the rich yet often misunderstood corners of Islamic thought and practice.


Br. Ibrahim J. Long, MA, GICC
Islamic Family and Social Services Association

SALAM Auditorium
4545 College Oak Dr, Sacramento, CA 95841

Day One

Saturday, October 21 | 10 am - 3 pm

  • Introducing Islam
  • Journey of the Soul
  • Adam to Armageddon
  • Pillars of Islam
  • Islam and Other Religions

Day Two

Saturday, October 28 | 10 am - 3 pm

  • Islamic Law
  • Engaging the Spiritual Life
  • Women in Islam
  • Islamic History
  • Islam Today

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Windows To Islam: 2-Day Seminar Series

This is a two-part seminar series. Both dates are pre-selected below. If you are unable to attend one of the dates, please uncheck it.

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