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Support the Masjid


We wish to remind you to include SALAM in your charitable giving during this charitable month. Any amount you give will be greatly appreciated by those who handle the financial affairs of this transparent Islamic Center. Your giving will truly help in paying the daily operating expenses of this Center. We now have three full-time paid employees: the Executive Director, managing SALAM as its CEO, the Religious & Social Director, and the Office Manager. The Board’s duty now is not to manage, but to Direct, Fundraise, and Oversight.

Receiving & Distribution of Zakah

During the last 12 months ending March 31, 2022, SALAM received $57,155 as Zakat-ul Mal, and $20,299, as Zakat-ul Fitr, with a grand total of $77,454. From that total, SALAM distributed $76,672 to those in need. The remaining balance of $782 is kept in the Zakah Restricted Bank Account.

If you wish to give your Zakah to SALAM, the Zakah Committee will take care of distributing it to those in need.

Zakat-ul-Fitr & Zakat-ul-Mal


Zakat-ul Fitr is $12 for each person in the family – Pay Zakat-ul-Fitr here.

Zakat-ul Mal is 2.5% of funds in excess of your needs that are kept unused for a full year – Pay Zakat-ul-Mal here.

Please donate to support SALAM Masjid and its Islamic Center. May Allah grant the donors & their families good health, happiness, protection, and internal peace. Ameen!

To support SALAM’s Masjid – Donate here.

You may designate part of your Zakat-ul Mal to help maintain the Masjid.

You can also mail a check to:

SALAM Center
4545 College Oak Dr.
Sacramento, CA 95841