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God, Guardian and Protector from evil and calamity

Help the hapless from affliction of COVID and FIRE’s misery

Though many are afflicted, many more are not

The lucky are grateful for saving us from this onslaught

Thank you for protection from COVID

Thank you for saving us from this savage

Hand washing, masks and social distancing

Has sheltered us from the carnage

Thank you for protection from deadly, devastating fires

Towns mowed down, as if they never existed

Forests burned down, bare and desolated

You promised ease after distress and difficulty

You promised of this to your servants with certainty

We can only survive with your grace and magnanimity

We pray; give us rain give us rain 

With no refrain no refrain

You are Al-Hafiz, the Guardian the Protector

You are Ar-Rauf, full of Kindness and Pity

You are Ar-Rahman, the Most Merciful

You are Ar-Rahim, the Bestower of Mercy

You are Al-Qadir, the Capable, the Powerful

You say be and it is-God could you please

Give us rain and respite, Ameen

– Asif Haq