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Strong Family Relationships

37 days until Ramadan!

The Prophet said, “He who desires ample provisions and his life be prolonged, should maintain good ties with his blood relations”.
~[Al-Bukhari and Muslim]

The act of maintaining the bonds of kinship is Silatur-Rahim.

  • Are you keeping in touch with your immediate family?
  • Have you been checking on them often? ⁣ aimlessly.

While we are preparing for the month of Ramadan, let us add kinship to our list of things that need our attention.

In Islam, strong family relationships are of great importance. The family is the foundation of society. Strong, harmonious relationships within the family are essential for individuals’ well-being and happiness.

Islam emphasizes the importance of maintaining strong and positive relationships with one’s parents, siblings, and other relatives. The Qur’an teaches children to respect and obey their parents and parents to treat their children with kindness and compassion.

Islam also encourages strengthening ties within the extended family and community. It promotes the idea of mutual support and assistance among family members. Muslims are encouraged to visit their relatives, offer help and support to those in need, and maintain close relationships with their extended family and community.

In addition to these principles, Islam also teaches the importance of forgiveness and reconciliation within the family. Muslims are encouraged to resolve conflicts and differences within the family through dialogue and mediation and to seek forgiveness from one another when needed.

By fostering strong and positive relationships within the family, Muslims can create a supportive and loving environment that promotes the well-being and happiness of all family members.