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Time of Gratitude

As Muslims, the practice of gratitude is central to our daily lives.  We are commanded to put down our worldly affairs at least five times a day. We go to focus on remembering our creator and being thankful for all he has given us. This act of dhikr (remembrance) softens our hearts, creating space for compassion and kindness.

As a Muslim, every day is a day of thanks to Allah swt. As your families, friends, colleagues, and neighbors gather to show gratitude in their way, we encourage you to demonstrate thanks in our way.

Shukr bi’l-qalb
Feeling gratitude in our heart – Find a place to sit and reflect on the world God created for you.

Shukr bi’l-lisan
Speaking gratitude with your tongue – Give dhikr. Say thank you to those around you. Raise your hands or bow your head to your creator and bear witness to his generosity.

Shukr bi’l-badan wa’l-arkan
Gratitude from the limbs through action – Take gentle care of your family, volunteer, help your neighbor, and give of your wealth.

In your feelings, statements, and demonstrations of gratitude, be sure to specify your intention. As Muslims, gratitude starts with the belief that Allah is one and to him belongs all praise.

We thank Allah for this beautiful community and all the families who are a part of it.

We thank Allah for his generosity and ask him to make us good stewards of his house and the homes he has entrusted to us.

We thank Allah for giving us Islam, placing belief in our hearts, and providing excellent guidance through the Quran and his nabi ﷺ.

We are thankful to the lord of creation for all that there is and know that without him, there is nothing.

الْحَمْدُ لِلَّهِ رَبِّ الْعَالَمِينَ, Alhamdulillahi rabil alameen, All praise to the lord of the universe.