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Three White Days

51 days until Ramadan!

The White days are the three consecutive days that fall on every 13th, 14th, and 15th day of the Islamic month. It is called white days because the full moon shines brightly throughout the three mentioned days.

Muslims are encouraged to fast during these three days on every Islamic month.

Abu Hurairah reported: My friend (the Messenger of Allah) directed me to observe fast for three days in every month, to perform two Rak’ah (optional) Duha prayer at forenoon and to perform the Witr prayer before going to bed.
~ Bukhari and Muslim

The three white days of Rajab:

– Rajab 13th | Monday, Feb. 14th
– Rajab 14th | Tuesday, Feb. 15th
– Rajab 15th | Wednesday, Feb.16th

The three white days of Shaaban:

– Shaaban 13th | Wednesday, March 16th
– Shaaban 14th | Thursday, March 17th
– Shaaban 15th | Friday, March 18th

Get in the habit of fasting!