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SALAM Islamic Center is saddened by the recent events in Afghanistan

The SALAM community is deeply saddened by the recent events in Afghanistan. Our hearts and minds at SALAM Islamic Center go out to the Afghan community and their relatives who still live in Afghanistan.

We feel the pain of all Afghans, inside and outside of Afghanistan, who are experiencing another round of uncertainty and fear.

We pray for their safety and security, and we call for our political leaders to ascertain the safety and security of all Afghans.

We welcome with open arms any refugees who move to our community. We call our members to donate generously for the causes of our refugee services.

Our Hearts Go Out to The Afghan People

Our hearts at SALAM Islamic Center go out to the Afghan people for the uncertainty and fear they are facing. As Muslims, we have to be concerned with the struggle they are confronting. We are one Muslim Ummah. If one part of the Ummah is facing difficulties, all the Ummah must share and do whatever they can to help.

We are far away from Afghanistan. What is happening over there is beyond our control. All what we can do at this time, is to pray for the safety and security of the Afghan people. May Allah protect them and help them to live in peace and prosperity.

Our prayers also go to the Afghan community here in Sacramento for the safety and security of their relatives and friends back home in Afghanistan.

As a community, we must get together to coordinate our efforts to help the Afghan refugees who may decide to settle down in Sacramento with whatever we can.

May God be with our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan.

In Solidarity,
The Leadership of SALAM Islamic Center

Resources To Support The Afghan Refugees

Organizations helping our Afghan brethren

  • Refugee Enrichment and Development Association (REDA) Resettlement and support in many areas.
    Phone: 916-500-429.
    Address: 2919 Fulton Ave, Sacramento, CA 95821.
  • Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services – Refugee Resettlement, Food Pantry, Citizenship classes, and Immigration Legal Services.
    Address: 1951 Bell Ave, Sacramento, CA 95838.
  • Opening Doors – Resettlement Agency, Immigration legal services, teaching English.
    Phone: 916-492-2591.
    Address: 1111 Howe Ave, # 125, Sacramento, CA 95825.
  • International Rescue Committee – Emergency Temporary Housing.
    Phone: 916-482-0120.
    Address: 2020 Hurley Way, Suite 420, Sacramento, CA 95825.
  • Afghan Community Center – Religious Services, Community Services, Resettlement.
    Phone: 916-372-9031.
    Address: 700 Glide Ave, West Sacramento, CA 95691.
  • MAS-SSF (Social Services Foundation). Counseling etc.
    Phone: 916-486-8626.
    Address: 3820 Auburn Blvd., Suite 83, Sacramento CA 95821.
  • Al-Misbaah, Food, rent assistance, youth services, and education.
    Phone: 916-378-5466.
    Address: 10277 Iron Rock Way, Elk Grove CA 95624.

Ways to volunteer & support the newly arriving Afghan families

REDA provides culturally-sensitive support to refugees resettling in the Sacramento area. We couldn’t do this without the support of community members like yourself, who volunteer their time & talents to empower our brothers & sisters to rebuild their lives.

Here are three ways in which you can help:

  • Homework Assistance for Students: Volunteers will be paired with an elementary, middle, or high school student to spend 2-3 hours weekly assisting them with their homework, virtually or in-person. Many students have struggled to adjust especially after more than a year of distance learning; volunteers will help them to gain the confidence & proficiency to succeed in school. Language proficiency in Arabic, Dari, or Pashto is a plus but not required.
    Sign up here.
  • Call for Dari/Pashto/Farsi speaking volunteers: Join REDA in providing critical support for recently arriving Afghan families as they rebuild their lives here in Sacramento. Volunteers will contribute in one of three support areas: Outreach, Peer Advocacy, or Administrative Support.
    For more details and to sign up, click here.
  • Emergency Housing is needed for Afghan families. Let’s come together as an ummah and help host our Afghan brothers and sisters who have been forced out of their homes.
    If you are a landlord or can host a family, either short or long term, for free or for a rental fee, please register through this link: