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Seeking the Blessings of our Lord with His Bounty


On Saturday, December 3, 2022, SALAM held its annual banquet, “Seeking the Blessings of our Lord with His Bounty.” Alhamdulillah, the banquet was a success in every way.

Attendees had the opportunity to socialize and enjoy appetizers before and after the Isha prayer. Then Br. Asif Haq, the Master of Ceremony, introduced the evening’s program.

The program started with a beautiful recitation of Surat ad-Duha by one of our Quran program students. Then Br. Omar MoheyEldin, the Board of Trustees Chair, welcomed the guests and provided an update on the current and future plans of SALAM. Br Abdul-Qawiy Abdul-Karim, SALAM’s Executive Director, introduced himself and gave a moving tribute.

Dr. Ayad Al-Qazzaz awarded the educational scholarships to seven outstanding students. And for her remarkable contributions to SALAM, Dr. Metwalli Amer and Br. Omar MoheyEldin presented Dr. Firdos Sheikh-Pasha with the SALAM Distinguished Award.

Dr. Altaf Husain, a Professor of Social Work and the Vice President of Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research, excelled in his keynote address and fundraising efforts.

The Crest Restaurant provided guests with a delicious dinner and desserts as a final treat.

Shoutout to Br. Sulaiman Isaqzoy, Foenix Media, for taking the amazing photos.

We are grateful for all those who participated in this beautiful event and supported SALAM by sharing part of the bounty God has bestowed upon them.

Banquet 2022 Photos

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2022 | A Year in Review

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