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Executive Director Corner

Last week, while trying to locate the Office Manager by looking into the Camera Security Center at his office, I saw a large crowd at SALAM Community Center. Being inquisitive, I went to see what was going on. I saw many adult individuals receiving free Samsung 5G Cellular phones from the Administration of the Highlands Community Charter School.

SALAM made its facilities available for those adult students to study English free of charge. In addition, there is a free Day Care for their children while the parents attend the English classes. Most of those students are refugees from Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq. They love to come to SALAM because it is a secure place of worship, and they feel safe.

For the refugees to be gainfully employed and active citizens in their communities, learning English is a must. That is why SALAM has decided to partner with the Highlands Community Charter School to help the refugees in this important endeavor. It is an Islamic duty to learn and help others to do the same. As the hadith says:

“Seek knowledge from the Cradle to the Grave.”

With God’s Guidance and Blessings,
Metwalli Amer