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SALAM’s Engaging Presentation at California State University, Sacramento

November 28, 2023

As the Director of Outreach & Learning at SALAM, I’m happy to share our recent experience at California State University, Sacramento, where we had the opportunity to speak with students in a “Sociology of Religion” course about Islam and Muslims.

A Decade of Dialogue: Building Bridges with Sacramento State

This presentation marks a continuation of SALAM’s long-standing relationship with Sacramento State University. Over the past decade, we’ve had the honor of being invited to share our insights twice a year, with the exception of the periods affected by COVID. These sessions have become a staple in our calendar, symbolizing our enduring commitment to education and understanding.

Engaging the Curious Minds: A Classroom of Questions

The class, lasting nearly 90 minutes, was an immersive experience. We had a group of 25 inquisitive students, each eager to deepen their understanding of Islam. The discussion was particularly focused on the topic of conversion in Islam – a subject that sparked a lively and thoughtful exchange of questions and answers.

The Essence of Our Outreach: Education and Awareness

Our mission at SALAM is to continually reach out to educational institutions, sharing factual and insightful presentations about Islam and Muslims. We believe that knowledge is a powerful tool in combating misconceptions and fostering a more inclusive society.

Looking to the Future: Continuing the Conversation

We are grateful for the opportunity to engage with the students and faculty at Sacramento State University. Each presentation is not just a teaching moment but a learning experience for us as well. We look forward to continuing this dialogue and are excited about the future discourse and opportunities that lie ahead.

A Note of Gratitude

I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to Sacramento State University for their ongoing partnership and to the students for their engaging questions and open minds. Such opportunities are invaluable in our journey towards building a more understanding and inclusive world.

Asif Haq
Director of Outreach & Learning,
SALAM Islamic Center